Tips that have been used since he started his business in 1964

Paddy Sheridan walks through the office everyday. He’s usually juggling the post and his newspaper but he always stops to say hello and ask how we are keeping. In the Summer he sends one of us to the shop to buy everyone ice cream and wafers, it’s become quite a tradition at this stage! When it comes to work, Paddy is a big believer in treating people with respect, compassion and being a good listener. He has taught us to be honest and genuine because people need to know that you really care. In the insurance business, when other institutions are replacing people with computers, the Sheridan family are still committed to providing a face to face service. Paddy, Ciaran and Donagh have invested in people, their education and the career growth of their team. They encourage progression in the office to ensure we continue to provide a superior level of customer service to our clients.

The video below was recorded with Paddy last month. Paddy celebrated his 90th birthday in September and he is still coaching and encouraging us to be the best version of ourselves. These tips have helped Paddy grow his business since 1964. Hopefully they will help you to do the same.