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In the last two years quite a few of us in the offices moved house or put in a new kitchen. We are always sharing our tips and advice with each other because we have learned so much along the way. We all went to different suppliers and it’s really good to ask someone a few questions before you get started. Also its great to get  advice on what not to do. Have a quick read and hopefully this info is helpful!

Tips to achieve the perfect kitchen


Chopping boards and oven trays

You don’t want chopping boards on your worktop or falling around a press. Ask your kitchen supplier to build in a small separate compartment into the cupboard beside the cooker. Now the chopping boards are standing up right and they are hidden.

Larder or Larder press

If it’s a new build/renovation and you have the space, put in a larder with slatted shelving. You can store all the food in here along with your food processor and other kitchen gadgets. The excess food will fall to the floor through the slatted shelves and you can easily sweep it up.

If you don’t have room for the larder, put in the larder press with shelving and drawers. Again the food is in one place and you can grab everything you need at once.

Drawers and more Drawers

Drawers are a better use of space than cupboards. You can see everything and you don’t have to reach far to find what you need. You can even get special drawers to store plates and bowls. The cupboard that stores Pyrex bowls, Tupperware can be a mess but a drawer can make it so much easier.



If possible, store your plates, bowls and cups right opposite the dishwasher. It makes the dishwasher easier to unload and will save you time.




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