These tips could get you a better price!

We always want to save money on car insurance but in the current climate it is more important than ever. We understand the importance of saving money and getting the best value because every small saving adds up at the end of the year. Whether you are saving for a house or putting your kids through college, you need every penny. When it comes to car insurance, we are qualified to search the market and compare quotes to give you the best quote and advice. We can usually get you a better price over the phone but if you would like to get an online quote these tips will help you.


Be very specific with your mileage. If you don’t use the car very often, keep the annual mileage under 10,000. It makes sense, if you’re not on the road very often, why pay more for your car insurance? Just have a little think about it; do you only drive to school and back or do you travel to Dublin quite regularly? All these factors affect your mileage.

Add a Driver

Adding a spouse or a parent to your policy could make your car insurance quote cheaper. Would your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife like to drive your car? This feature may work in your favour, you won’t have to do all the driving! It could make your online quote cheaper.

No Claim Bonus

This bit is important. Check your no claims bonus when your renewal arrives in the post. When you are filling out your online car quote make sure you put in the correct no claims bonus. If you have been a continuous named driver, driving someone’s car, this will count too. This will really affect the price of your car quote.

Call Sheridan Insurances

If you decide to get an online quote with us and you are not happy with the price, we may be able to get a better price over the phone. We have access to different discounts and we are qualified to get you the best car insurance policy at the best price. Call us today on 0818 222 700 and we can do all the hard work for you.



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