5 Important factors that will influence your decision

You could quite possibly call our office canteen Tripadvisor HQ at the moment. Holidays are on everyone’s mind because they desperately want to focus on hot weather and cocktails in the sunshine. With over 70 people working in Sheridan Insurances we have so much experience in choosing the perfect family holiday for kids. From package holidays to finding the most unusual destinations in Europe; I love listening to peoples stories and looking at their holiday snaps. Some people prefer to jump in their car and find an irish coastal destination and others need a sun holiday. Whatever floats your boat!


I have gathered some of our top tips to help you choose your family holiday destination.


The facilities

If your children are at different ages, you need to make sure there is a range of facilities to suit each of them. Is there a kids club, crazy golf, water slides, pool tables etc. Don’t presume there is facilities for all ages, do your research.



We have some kids that are dairy intolerant, gluten intolerant and some fussy eaters. Call the hotel or venue before you book to see if they cater for your requirements. I know kids love chips but they won’t eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner so maybe you need to plan in advance and be sure that the holiday will be a stress free as possible.


Length of flight

Before you book your holiday, check the length of your flight. A four hour flight may not be practical with a small child. You may want to choose a destination with a 2.5 hour flight for mental health purposes 🙂



When your kids are old enough, give them their own suitcase and tell them that they are responsible for it. They feel grown up and they will look after it. It’s less stress for you!



Give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport, travel through security and duty free. It’s way more fun  to have a drink in the airport bar than panicking on the M50 because there was a car crash. Relax and enjoy the glass of wine! You deserve it after all.


Holiday Tip

Mairead chose Holland as her holiday destination two years ago and her kids loved it. Waterslides, rollercoaster, cycling track and train journeys to amsterdam. Her kids definitely want to go back.