Tyre Safety Tips From Top Tyres Wexford


We can’t stress the importance of checking your tyres on a regular basis.
We teamed up with Top Tyres Wexford to give you the very best advice
from the tyre experts. John, from Top Tyres  has put together some tips
and information about tyre safety for your van or car. This information
could potentially save your life so it is worth a read.


Top Tyres Wexford – John’s Advice


Pressure Check

Check your tyre pressure at a local garage. People ask us on a daily basis
‘what pressure should be in my tyre?’. But the answer is that the pressure
is different for each tyre size. If the tyre pressure is not correct, it will increase
wear on your tyres. Correct tyre pressure will give you better control of your vehicle.


Mis- Alignment

If you tyres are mis-aligned it means that your tyres can wear on the outside
edge or the tyre. In some cases the tyre can wear on the inside and you can’t
see if happening. This is extremely dangerous as it could cause a tyre blow-out.
If you drop your vehicle into Top Tyres we offer a Tyre Alignment service and
at least you can be sure that you can safely drive your car. If you live in other
parts of Ireland, any tyre centre can carry out this service for you.


Check Tread Depth

The legal minimum tread depth in Europe is 1.6 mm but we recommend
that you don’t let your tyre tread depth wear this far down. Here’s why:

If a car is travelling on a wet road at 70 mph, a car with 1.6mm tread depth
will take over three bus lengths longer to stop that a car with 3mm tread depth.
That’s a massive 37 metres! That’s exactly why we recommend you check your
tread depth on a regular basis as it could potentially save your life.


Tyre Check At Top Tyres Wexford 

Top Tyres are experts in tyre fitting and they offer the full range of auto
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