How to Boost Mental Health in the Workplace


A happy team is a productive team. Mental Health is on everyone’s radar these days. As a nation we tend to be more reactive than proactive when it comes to mental health. We’ve picked a few very basic steps to boosting mental health in the workforce. It doesn’t cost a fortune and can make a noticeable difference to your environment. Try the following few tips to boost the mental health in your workplace


Managers and strategic decision makers need to consider the mental health implications of decisions they make. Mental Health needs to be considered as much as physical. You wouldn’t have your team working in physically hazardous working environment the same level of concern needs to be given to the physiological environment your team works in. Happy employees are productive employees


2.Stay Active

Encourage your team to stay active. Work can offer lots of opportunity to staying active. Start a walking group at lunch or after work. Encourage the social club to organize more outdoor activities. If space allows set up a small gym in the office. Staying fit and active can alleviate the symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety as well as making the team more alert, and energetic.


3.Look after your Physical Health

There is a close relationship between physical wellness and mental health. None of us feel great when we are unwell.  Long-term condition such as heart illnesses, diabetes etc. can lower your mental state. Take steps towards a healthier lifestyle in the workplace. Change the canteen menu to provide a healthier diet. Opt to turn off the air conditioning in Summer if you can ventilate the building with opening windows. Encourage employees to get a regular health check up.


4.Eat a Good Diet

The connection between healthy eating and a healthy mind is prevalent. Over consumption of unhealthy carbs and sugar leaves employees chasing an artificial sugar rush with dramatic highs and lows of energy levels. Provide healthy snacks and plenty of water for your team. Encourage a healthy eating policy. Educate your team about nutrition and the importance of a healthy diet.


5.Take a Break

Encourage your employees to take their designated breaks. They are there for a reason. The longer people sit in front of screens without a break the more their productivity decreases. The focus should be on the work that is being done rather than the times spent working. Some of the most productive employees are those who take their breaks, leave the office on time, but maximize their working hours as they are happy more balanced and more productive as a result.