You won’t believe the most common theft locations

I am the claims advisor for Sheridan Insurances and I see car burglaries and car thefts on a regular basis. Some of the information i’m going to share with is common sense but I think you will be shocked at some of the things thieves will do to rob your car. There is no harm in sharing some of these tips with friends and family because it really is a gentle reminder to keep your belongings and car safe. Summer is almost here and you will be on family day trips. Think of all the things you put in the car to keep your kids happy on the journey, you really don’t want to return to a broken window or even worse, no car.


Handbags/bags at the petrol station

Ok who is guilty of this? You are at petrol station filling your car full of diesel and you are in a rush to get home. You don’t want to take your handbag into the shop so you just grab your wallet or purse. When you leave your bag on the front seat in plain sight you are attracting a car break in. In future just bring your bag with you.


Loose change

Hide any loose change in your car. It may not add up to much but I have dealt with car burglaries where the thieves actually stole the coins in the car. 


Beaches & Graveyards

These are my most common car theft claims. I know, it’s really hard to believe but please take your bag and belongs with you to the graveyard and beach. If you really don’t want to carry them lock them in your boot before you even drive to the graveyard or beach. Thieves can linger around specific areas and watch your movements before them attempt a robbery. Don’t show them what you are locking in the boot.


GPS, AUX cables and phone chargers

When you are leaving your car, put these cables in the glove compartment. Don’t give the thief any idea that you may have a GPS or a smartphone stored in the car.


Street lights

If you live in town or a busy area try to park in a well light area or have motion sensor lights near your car park. Thieves will target a car in a poorly lit area first.