Protect Your Jewellery The Best Way Possible 


A birthday, a wedding, a gift from our all have jewellery that marks a special memory or moment in your lives. You want to treasure it forever and perhaps pass it on
to your kids one day.  We understand how much these gems mean to you so we believe
it is really important to photograph each important item of jewellery. In the event of a burglary, it can be quite hard to remember each piece of jewellery and its value. We have a few tips about protecting your jewellery under your house insurance policy.


1. Get A Jewellery Valuation

If you think you own an item of jewellery that has a high value, a professional jewellery valuation is a great idea. This will provide you with documents to prove that you own the piece of jewellery in question and it will also state its value. In the event of a claim, the valuation will help prove your loss. 

2. Jewellery Valued Over €2000 

If you own jewellery valued over €2000, we recommend that you get a professional jewellery valuation and consider specifying the item under your house insurance policy. It’s always a good idea to take a few detailed photos of the item of jewellery. Send the photos and the jewellery valuation to your broker or insurer to be noted on your home insurance policy.

The jewellery valuation and photos will make it much easier to prove your loss in the event of a claim.


3. Jewellery Valued Under €2000

Over time, most of us collect quite a few pieces of jewellery that collectively
cost quite a bit of money. Take photos of these items and keep all receipts
when possible. It’s also a good idea to write a description of the important
pieces of jewellery. The loss adjuster will always look for proof that you owned
the jewellery if the item was stolen, lost or damaged. 


Superior Claims Service

At Sheridans, Colette is our experience Claims Advisor. Her job is help our customers
through their claim from start to finish. She works on behalf of our customers to get
the best possible outcome. If any of our customers need to register a home insurance claim with Colette, you can do it right here.


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