Check out simple ways to cut your heating bill

Every winter do you feel that your house heating expenses are progressively increasing? The harsh reality is that we often turn up the heating without thinking twice because who doesn’t want to be warm and cozy on a cold winters evening! Interestingly you should know that there are several things that you can do to cut your heating expenses, saving your euro’s for a rainier day.


Stop those draughts sneaking in!

Many of us have doors in our homes where cold air draughts can sneak their way in to your warm and cozy rooms under the door from colder rooms. If this happens in your home, a draft stopper is an excellent investment so that you don’t get a bbbrrr from seeping cool air. You can even make your own draft stopper so you have no excuses if you don’t want to spend money. Make sure that all your windows and doors are sealed too (self- adhesive rubber seal will do the job) to keep that cold air out!






Don’t block your radiator heat

For the winter months, clear furniture away from your radiators because the likes of sofa’s can absorb all the heat, preventing the heat from circulating through the room. This also applies for long curtains if they drape over the radiators so make sure that nothing is stealing your heat.


Insulate your home

Insulating your home is expensive but it is definitively a worthwhile investment as it will save you money in the long run. Older homes in particular need extra insulation in the walls and attic (it is said that 25% of heat loss occurs through the roof) so you should check if your home is adequately insulated because inadequate insulation is like enduring a winter without a puffer coat or jacket (not cozy!)


Radiator reflectors

If you feel that your radiators are not providing your rooms with the warmth that they should, you should try radiator reflectors as they help heat the room and not the walls by reflecting the heat back into the room. This may be a good investment before the winter months creep in!







Make use of your central heating timer

It is actually cheaper to set a timer to turn your heating on earlier than you need it on a lower temperature than switching on your heating as you need it at a higher temperature. For example, set your heating to come on 30 mins before you get up in the mornings.


Lag up your hot water tank

A lagging jacket insulates the tank, keeping your water hotter for longer. If your lagging jacket is old, it may be losing heat (costing you more money to heat more water unnecessarily) so it is never a bad investment to replace your lagging jacket if it is getting worn and old.



Try out some of these money saving heating tips and see if you can reduce your heating bill this winter 😊





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