Check out our favourite deskercises at Gallagher

The reality of having an office job is that most of us spend at least 7 hours sitting and worryingly that sedentary time does not include those car commutes or lounging around at home after a long day’s work! However, having a predominantly sedentary job does not have to mean that you lead an unhealthy lifestyle. We are not entertaining the new concept ‘sitting is the new smoking’ as each and every one of us office workers can get active at our desks by carrying out quick and easy desk-ercises. Desk-ercises couldn’t be any more practical as all you need is your desk and office chair and you’re good to go. See below for some of our favourite deskercises at Gallagher and get active with us today!!


Wooden leg (leg raise)

While sitting on your office chair, straighten your leg (with practice the goal is to get your heel in line with the chair seat) and hold for 10 seconds! Then slowly lower your leg back to your starting position and repeat using the other leg. Do this desk-ercise twice on each leg and try repeat during the day.





The desk chair ‘weeeeeeeee’ swivel (get those abs as toned as your office printer!!)

Push your chair a little bit away from the desk. Now lift your legs off the floor and hold the desk using your fingers and thumbs only. When you are positioned, swivel your chair from side to side using only your core and do 15-20 full swivels. This desk-ercise is fun and engages your core but be careful to keep that ‘weeeee’ sound under wraps.





Shoulder blade squeeze

Lift your back slightly away from the back of your chair and while maintaining a neutral back position, squeeze your shoulder blades together for 10 seconds as if you trying to hold a pen between them. Repeat this exercise 10 time. In the same positon you can also do shoulder shrugs! Both of these shoulder exercises can be done easily while reading off your monitor screen so no excuses.




Invisible chair seat (squat variation)

Stand in front of your office chair, feet shoulder width, maintaining a neutral back. When positioned, slowly lower your body until your glutes touch the seat of the chair (as if squatting onto the chair). Slowly return back your starting position, maintaining your back position and squeezing those glutes at the top. Remember squats lead to peaches!





Steps, steps and more steps!

Instead of taking the escalator or lift, make use of that staircase and climb 2 steps at time. This is one the simplest ways to increase your daily steps in work!! If you are unable to climb 2 steps at a time, just climbing the staircase is a ‘step’ in the right direction.