We’re Getting Ready For The Wexford Business Awards

black tie ready


One day to go until we throw on the gúna, delicately plaster our faces in
makeup and walk in ridiculous high heels in the hope of stumbling away
with the eCommerce & Social Media Award at the Wexford Business
Awards. The girls in the offices are very jealous of the men as they just
need to have a shower and put on their tuxedo. So, after much deliberation
we put together a few handy tips to get beautifully black tie ready this summer.

Colin – Get a Hair Cut

I made the mistake of telling Aoife I was going to get a haircut. Lo and behold,
she arrives to take a photo! So, I got a haircut, organised a tux and I will
hopefully be holding a bottle of Heineken by 7pm tomorrow evening.


haircutfor blog


Aoife – Master the Art of Fake Tan 

There is nothing worse that putting fake tan on in a rush and looking orange.
Streaky legs and tangoed knuckles were never cool! My tip is to apply fake
tan over two days. One really thin layer the first night to cover up the milky
skin tone. The second night should have a slightly heavier application to give
you a great colour!


Laura – Epsom Salts

This is a forgotten gem. Put two cups of Epsom Salts into a regular sized bathtub and soak in it for 15 minutes. It acts as a detoxifier and removes excess fluids from your body getting rid of puffy ankles and swollen tums. Rub a handful of the salts over your body to exfoliate perfect for just before applying your fake tan! For maximised effect, take two baths the two nights before your big event, if however you are applying your tan over two nights as Aoife has recommended you will have to start a night earlier as it is great at removing tan!


Best of Luck to everyone shortlisted at the Wexford Business Awards tomorrow night, it promises to be a great night!