Get Ready For College With Gadget Insurance

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CAO offers are out today and I hope your son or daughter is happy with the
offer they received. For some of you, the process starts now; Helping to
register with their college and searching for accommodation. There are exciting
times ahead for all college students in UL, WIT, DCU, Trinity or any other college
for that matter! Getting organised on the other hand, can be quite stressful.

Many college students may have a new smartphone, laptop/ipad, game consoles,
GHD or those expensive over-sized headphones that are seriously popular at
moment. Imagine, these items packed in a bag and spending weeks on a college
campus with other unknown students….You can take the risk and hope that
they aren’t stolen, damaged or lost; but that’s a big risk.

That’s why we offer online gadget insurance. It’s really simple to set up and you
get a discount when you insure multiple gadgets under one policy. You can pay
for the Policy in full or you can pay monthly which is very handy.

If you are uncertain about setting up this policy online you can contact our team
on 1850 54 54 54 and they can talk you through it.


Where Do I Buy Gadget Insurance?

You can Get Gadget Insurance Here


Policy Details

You can also check the policy details here. It’s really important to read these before purchasing the gadget insurance policy.


 We Make College A Little Easier!

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