Fed up of getting 0% interest on deposit? Check out our Regular Saver and Lump Sum Investment Options

If you’re looking to start a savings plan or invest a lump sum why not speak to one of our expert Financial Advisors?

Deposit interest rates are now at an all-time low and one of Ireland’s biggest banks has announced that they will be starting to charge negative interest rates on SME accounts holding more than €2.5 million on deposit. This means that for these customers, rather than having interest applied to their money, it will effectively be taken from it.

The Central Bank of Ireland recently released information stating that in April and May of 2020 alone, an additional €4.5 billion was put on deposit by Irish households. This brings the total amount held on deposit by Irish households to a record-breaking €118 billion.


That’s €118 billion with very little opportunity to grow.

So what options are out there?

At Gallagher our Financial Services team have access to some of Ireland’s leading investment funds. You’ll be appointed your own personal Financial Advisor who will research the market and suggest only the most suitable investment funds for your needs. They will determine and cater to your Attitude to Investment Risk and will meet with you annually to review your plan.

Whether you have a lump sum that you would like to invest or if you want to save a regular amount each month, or a combination of both, we’ll find the plan that’s best for you.

So if you like the idea of investing in assets such as tech companies, commercial property or gold, to name but a few, contact us today to see how we can help.


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