Due to the rapid expansion of the Coronavirus, we have been receiving a number of queries on our Travel Insurance policies such as the questions below: 


What are my entitlements if my airline cancels my flights?


In the event that your flights are cancelled by your airline, then they must offer you a choice between the following:


  • A new flight as soon as possible


  • A new flight at a later date at your convenience


  • Or A refund


If my flight is cancelled due to the Department of Foreign Affairs, can I be refunded?


  • Yes as long as you have included Travel Disruption on your travel insurance policy


My destination is currently unaffected, can I still travel?


  • Yes, if your destination is not covered by the World Health Organisation and / or Dept of Foreign Affairs you do not need to change or cancel your plans. However, as the situation is constantly evolving we advise checking the latest travel advice for your destination


An alert advising against travel to my destination has been issued. Can I make a travel insurance claim?


  • If your trip was booked before the WHO and/or DFA alert was issued, you will be able to submit a claim provided you also purchased your insurance before the alert was issued. However, you must first contact your travel and accommodation providers to seek a refund.


  • However, if you booked your trip after a WHO and/or DFA alert against non-essential travel was issued, you will not be able to make a travel insurance claim for any resulting costs. In this situation you will need to seek a refund from the travel provider.


For further information and updates on travel advice please check the following websites –