Check out the 5 items that you should always have in your boot!

Unfortunately we cannot predict when our cars are going to cause us a little hassle or breakdown. With this is mind it is so important to be prepared and have the following essentials in the boot of our cars to make our lives that little bit easier when things go wrong.


Spare tyre 

How many of us guilty of using their spare tyre and not replacing it? A lot of us! If your tyre needs to replaced roadside an empty tyre shaped hole in your car boot is no good to anybody. So always be prepared in case of emergency and always have a spare tyre in your boot so that you dont end up stranded roadside.



Although times have evolved and we all have flashlights on our iphones or androids,it is always a good idea to have a torch in your boot because it would just be your luck that when you need the flashlight on your phone your phone will be at like 2%!


Jump leads

Jumper cables are an absolute lifesaver if your car battery suddenly goes down or if you accidentally leave your lights or air blowers on when your car is not running. At least if you have a jumper all you need is a good Samaritan to allow you to jump start your car using their car battery. Always attach the red clips to positives terminals and the black clips to the negative terminals!





Duct tape & cable ties

You would be surprised what you could temporarily fix with duct tape or cable ties when you have no other option!



EMPTY fuel tank

Never ever have a filled can of fuel in your boot as it is a fire hazard if you ever experience an accident. On the other hand an empty fuel can is a good call because if your fuel pump does runs dry, you will be well prepared to get fuel from the nearest filling station station and bring it back to your car to refill! It may come in handy to help some else too.


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