Employee Spotlight at Gallagher 

In this week’s Employee Spotlight, we spoke to Roisin O’Connor, Front of House Customer Service Executive in our Wexford office. Roisin joined our team in May 2023 and has kindly shared an insight into why she joined Gallagher and her vision for the future.



1. What first attracted you to work at Gallagher?

What first attracted me to Gallagher was their pride in customer service. I felt this was a good stepping stone for me after finishing my degree, as it allowed me to further my customer service skills from my part-time work and gain new experience to further my professional career.


2. How do you describe Gallagher to your friends and family?

A welcoming work environment, with helpful and supportive co-workers


3. If you could choose one word that sums up Gallagher, what would it be?



4. What’s your vision for the future – where do you hope this will be in five or ten years’ time?

My vision for the future is to further my education, which will broaden my career prospects for the future.