There’s a grand stretch in the evenings!

Now that the long evenings have arrived, may of us are making the most of the extra daylight and feeling more energised. As you go about your business in your van or car a few things to bear in mind are:


Be aware of other road users 

It is not just vans and cars on the road at the moment. More and more cyclists and pedestrians are out and about. Always take a second look at junctions and when overtaking to make sure the way is safe.

Use your lights

It is no harm to have your dims on at all the time, even in the middle of the day. It makes it much easier for other road users to see you coming.

Check your tyres

The minimum legal tyre tread depth in Ireland on cars and vans is 1.6mm – make sure to check your tyres regularly and ensure they are at the correct pressure level too.

Watch out for kids playing

Their ball could stray into the road or they might be going too fast on their bike causing them to shoot out into the road. Stay extra alert near towns, villages and playgrounds.


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