I Have Some Tips To Avoid Driver Fatigue


Have you ever been driving along and had a sudden wave of tiredness come over you? It can be really hard to shake off! I find it is particularly difficult if you are in the car on your own and I often struggle when driving home from the office after a long day, even if the drive is only about 30 minutes!

If this affects you and you are worried about driver fatigue then take a look at my tips below. If you are drowsy at the wheel don’t take any chances; pull the car over safely. Your safety and the safety others is priority.


Tips To Avoid Falling Asleep At The Wheel


1. Open The Windows

Let lots of air in and sit up as straight as you can.


2. Good Loud Music

Keep a good CD in the car and turn the music up really loud so I can sing along.


3. Brain Training

I try to recall and say out loud all of my extended family’s names (there are a lot!!)– It gets the brain working. You could try naming out every person that was in your class at school or something that will take a bit of brain power to get you going.


4. If All Else Fails

If It’s not working you need to pull over and stretch the legs for a minute. If you are near a shop you could run in and get a fizzy drink to perk you up or on a nice day an ice-cream.




It is really important to remain alert while driving so if you feel tired and can’t shake it off pull over and shake yourself up – even if you are only driving to the shop and back. You need to arrive home alive, that is all that matters.




Image Source: www.lifehacker.com.au