It May Not Happen To You, But You Should be Prepared



It has been in the media recently that dirty, contaminated and watered down
fuel is becoming a more prominent problem in Ireland.

It is pretty much impossible to predict whether or not you will fall subject
to one of these scams and it can be a real headache if it does happen.
Here at Sheridan Insurances we would recommend these easy steps to be
prepared in case it does happen to you:



Pick A Garage/Fuel Station

Pick a garage and stick to it. Always get your fuel in the same place. If
you go to multiple garages it is extremely difficult to definitively prove
who is responsible for the damages to your car or van.



Get a Receipt

ALWAYS get a receipt for your fuel and keep them for 6 weeks. You need
to be able to prove where the fuel was purchased.



Regular Car Or Van Service

Get your car or van serviced regularly & keep your receipts. You need
to be able to show your vehicle is in good working condition.



Don’t Take A Chance

If the power is fluctuating or the car feels or sounds strange, pull your car
over safely and call your garage. If you continue to drive you can cause a lot
more damage to the engine.




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