Top Tips For Saving Money This Christmas

Now is the time to start thinking about savvy Christmas shopping. For some of us,
the last pay cheque has arrived before Christmas and we want to get the most
out of our money! So here are our top tips to cutting costs this Christmas. Make
the list and check it twice, it could save you a few bob!


1. Make a List

Do not enter any shop without knowing what you are going into buy. Retailers
are experts at promoting impulse buys – have you ever done your grocery
shopping and still have nothing in it for dinner???


2. Kris Kindle

Instead of the headache and financial burden of buying for everyone, organise
Kris Kindle so you are only buying for one or two people. Instead of buying for
all your nieces and nephews why not buy for your God child?


3. Shop Around

Once you have made your list, shop around for everything on it. The internet
is a virtual shopping mall you can easily compare costs from your sofa. 


4. Check Your Stock At Hand

Before doing your big food shop check what you already have at home. I bet
we all have enough dried herbs to stuff several turkeys! There is probably an
unopened jar of cranberry sauce still in date at the back of the press and a
freezer full of roasties! 


5. Bring a Dish Dinner

Get all your guests to bring a dish. Someone can bring the ham, another
the potatoes. This saves a fortune and its lovely to get everyone involved.


6. Kids Pressies

Keep an eye on the 3 for 2 promotions and discounts in November.
Check out Donedeal for bigger items, bikes, trampolines etc. most come
with boxes and are hardly used. Make sure you bulk buy your batteries,
buying last minute in a convenience store increases costs.


7. Don’t Over Prepare

Remember the shops will re open on the 26th so you really only need
enough supplies for Christmas Day. Don’t over buy, particularly
perishable goods.


So there you have it, the all important tips that we will be sticking to this year.
They are so simple but easily forgotten when we get consumed by Christmas
spirit. Check out our facebook this December. It should look like Santa’s grotto
by the 25th!