Get Those Photos Printed & Celebrate The Memories


I’m a divil for taking loads and loads of photos and never printing them. I love going through old photos at my parents home so I have decided to start planning my photo wall. I will be moving into a new house shortly so I want to pick some of my favourite photos and create a photo wall. It’s a great way to make your house feel like a home.


Where To Start?

  • I’m going to pick 10 photos that I absolutely love and make me feel happy.
  • Then I’ll decide if I want them in colour or black & white or a mixture.
  • Decide on a style – will I go for the standard IKEA frames or go for a vintage look.
  • See what size and orientation I want each photo to be.
  • Pick the layout I want and lay the frames on the floor and make sure I’m happy.
  • Then find a handy person to hang them for me!

I posted some inspo for you below if you’re planning on creating a photo wall if your own home. I picked a few different layouts for you to choose from and the photo ledge can be purchased in IKEA if that floats your boat.  I also really like the kid’s room idea; it puts some structure on their daily artwork.



photo1 photo2 photo3 photo4 photo5 photo6 photo7




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