Get Set For The Weekend! They Say It’s a Sunny One!

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With summer fast approaching and the evenings getting longer by the day, many
of us here in Sheridan Insurances are heading out for walks in the evenings,
going for a coastal drive or planning summer getaways.

With all the freedom & excitement the summer brings, it’s important to ensure
your vehicle is just as summer ready as you are. Here are our Top Tips for Road
Users this summer.



When leaving your car or van unattended, Do not leave any valuables in
Everything should be secured in a locked boot or compartment. Thieves
are like magpies these days, if it’s small and shiny they want it so take
a minute to lock your items away before you leave.



Check your tyre pressure and thread depth. The minimum legal requirement
is a thread depth of 1.6mm however we recommend replacing your tyres long
before this point. 


Oil & Coolant

Oil & coolant needs to be checked regularly and kept topped up, particularly
if you are heading on a long journey. Checking your oil is easier than you may
think. It only takes a minute and there are some great videos on youtube to
show you how.



Fill up the windscreen wash, the roads are getting dirty and dusty again so
ensure you can clear your windscreen easily and quickly.


Road Traffic

As the agricultural workload is picking up, watch out for tractors or other farm machinery on the roads, particularly when going around a bend as you may come across one unexpectedly. 


I am the specialist Claims Advisor here in Sheridan Insurances. I mostly look after car, van and home insurance claims for our customers. If any of our customers need to register a claim over the weekend you can do so right here.


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