Surveying your property could save you money 

By now the words “Storm” and “Weather Warning” have started to lose all meaning given the recent influx of poor weather conditions, but it is important to check your property for potential damage. As spring has arrived and the weather is improving, now is the time to do a survey of your home.


Here are some tips on checking your property to prevent damage in the future. I recommend starting at the bottom and working your way up:


  • Check for trees that have lost their strength. If a tree looks like it will not withstand another storm, get it removed.

  • Check fences for damage and see if they can be strengthened.

  • If you have a trampoline, swings, slide etc. see how they can be secured to prevent them flying away or organise some storage for them during the winter months.

  • Drains need to be checked for blockages and kept clear.

  • For patio’s and decking, check for deteriorating wood that may need to be replaced.
  • On doors & windows, check the frames & seals for leaks and warping.

  • Gutters will need to be cleared of leaves and debris.

  • Boilers and water heaters have surely been put through their paces to keep us all warm so ensure they are serviced regularly – Electric Ireland recommends annual servicing.
  • Chimneys need to be kept clean so it may be time to consider getting the chimney sweep in to your home.
  • The attic is a place that is very often forgotten. Make sure to check the attic for holes that birds may come in through, water ingress and general damage particularly in the ceiling area.

  • Finally, check the roof for damaged slates and holes that may allow rain water to seep through.


Prevention is better than a cure and that is why it is important survey your property for potential problems.

Gradual deterioration/wear & tear is not covered under your household policy so by identifying problems now and fixing them, it could save you a lot of time, effort and money in the future. Protect your investment by identifying and fixing potential problems before they become a major issue.