Lets keep each other safe of the roads this Christmas

As the song goes “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” For most of us this is true but for a lot of people what starts out great can have a terrible ending. Road safety is always topical but at this time of the year. It is so important because weather conditions and dark nights can lead to some terrible car accidents. We want to keep your family safe this Christmas. We all want to enjoy the festive season with our families and look forward to the new year.


Be Safe Be Seen

If you are walking to the pub, going to burn off some of those festive treats or just clearing your head, make sure you have a high-vis jacket. Even during daylight hours it is so important to make yourself as visible as possible. It is very hard for motorists to see cyclists and people walking at this time of year so make sure to light yourself up like a Christmas tree!


Designated Driver 

Before going on a night out decide who will be the designated driver and never risk driving after even just one drink – you could hurt someone else and have to live with the guilt forever. Coca Cola have a great app for designated drivers at Christmas so they can get free minerals at participating pubs.


Plan Your Trip

If you are visiting relatives or friends that are not nearby, plan your route and factor in a couple of breaks to stretch the legs and get your mind back in peak condition. I would recommend taking a break every 45 minutes even just to walk around the car a couple of times and get some fresh air.


For Your Boot

Just in case you get a puncture or a breakdown, keep a torch and high-vis jacket in the boot with a warm coat and maybe an extra pair of socks. You will really appreciate these if you get stuck on the side of the road.


The main thing to remember is not to take any unnecessary risks – don’t pass out where it may not be safe to do so, don’t risk drinking and driving, make a plan and stick to it. Better to run a few minutes late and safe than not to make it at all.


This video was launched in 2015 by the RSA but I think it’s a strong reminder that you need to think twice about driving your car the morning after a night out. 


Image source: avis.co.uk