Simple Tips To Make Your Home Safer This Christmas


Home safety at Christmas is an important factor to consider. We have changeable weather, we use more plug sockets, candles lighting and we are constantly cooking for friends and family.  I ask you to please read these points to ensure that you are fully aware of the possible safety hazards in the home over Christmas.


Safety Tips


  • Fresh trees are more resistant to ignition so if you are getting a fresh tree,
    try to keep it watered – it will stay greener for longer too!


  • When putting your lights up, don’t overload sockets!!


  • Lights should be plugged out if possible at night or put on a timer.
    Think of the next electricity bill too!


  • Check the connections on your lights. If they look worn why take the risk!
    January sales are a great time to buy the replacements and you won’t have
    to spend hours detangling them all next year.


  • Watch out for fire hazards throughout the house and make sure you have
    a plan of action in case you need to make a quick exit.


  • Check your smoke alarms regularly. If the battery needs replacing make
    sure it is done.


  • If you are going out for the night, especially New Year’s Eve or Christmas
    Eve please refrain from ‘checking yourself in’ on social media sites. Your
    home could be possibly targeted for burglaries with this information.


  • If you are using storage heaters put them in a well ventilated area away
    from clothing and curtains or blankets etc.


  • Don’t forget to close all doors and windows and turn the alarm on if you
    are leaving the house unattended.


  • Be careful of candles and cables/wires particularly if children are around
    to fall over them or knock them down.


  • If you are leaving your house unoccupied over the Christmas holidays, turn
    the water off to avoid burst pipes if the weather is cold.


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