Don’t Forget Your Elderly Neighbours This Christmas


It’s only a few days until Christmas and we are very excited to spend time with our friends and family. We can get so caught up in our own lives, worrying about presents, food and the kids. It could be great if we spend a little bit of time ensuring that our elderly neigbours and friends are safe and warm in their homes over the next few months. It’s going to be a cold one and you’ll never know how you can help until you pick up the phone or knock on their door.

Here are a few tips for this Christmas and Winter.


 How To Give A Helping Hand To Your Neighbour


  • Hop in the car and offer to help them with their grocery shopping or they may need a prescription collected from the pharmacy.
  • This Christmas all they may need is a bit of company. A game of cards, watch their favourite tv show with them or just a chat and a cup of tea.
  • Cook some extra dinner and drop it to their home. Everyone should have at least one hot meal a day.
  •  Carry in some coal or fuel for the fire.
  • If your neighbour are complaining about being cold, encourage them to wear
    a several layers of clothing instead of one chunky one.







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