Watch this short video on checking your car engine oil

Can you safely say that you know how to check the engine oil in your car? It’s not as difficult as it may seem and it is absolutely essential to maintain a healthy engine.

How to check your engine oil

Firstly, check that your car is on an even surface. If you have recently driven your car and it’s still hot, don’t check your oil straight away. Allow it to settle for a few minutes. Then pop the bonnet and secure it in place. To check your oil levels you need to locate the dipstick. It’s usually yellow in colour and a circular shape. Pull the dipstick out completely and wipe it on a cloth. Then place the dipstick fully back into the same holder. Pull it out again and check to see if the oil mark is between the two notches at the end of the dipstick. If the oil mark is in between the two notches, your car is ok to drive. Otherwise, you need to top up the oil.

How to top up your engine oil

Firstly you need to purchase engine oil that is suitable for your car. Under the bonnet of the car, you should see a rubber cap with the oil symbol on it. Gently pour the oil in. Do not overfill your car with engine oil so please pour it slowly. Leave it for a few minutes before you check your oil levels with the dipstick. If the oil mark is between the two notches, you are good to go.

Please refer to your car’s user manual if you are unsure about your car oil or the location of the dipstick and oil symbol.