Have fun and save money with carpooling!

Carpooling is becoming more popular as our Irish roads are getting busier and busier! But this is not a bad thing as carpooling has its perks. Carpooling is a cheap way to travel as you will save money on both fuel and toll bridges! If you have a good carpooling group, a tedious car journey through traffic could be more enjoyable and a bit of craic rather than a boring and stressful trek (James Corden carpooling karaoke is a great example on how to spice up your carpool, saving your sanity through rush hour traffic). The staff here at Gallagher, we have jumped on the carpool bandwagon, and here are our tips on how to achieve successful carpooling!


1. Make Agreements 

On day one come to agreements on things like smoking, eating, radio stations and seat arrangements (lanky legs and the middle back seat are not a good combination for a long car journey…).

2. Clean Car Policy

 A clean car policy needs to made and each car owner must stick to it! Sitting on the likes of pet hairs and rubbish is not okay for your passengers.

3. Punctuality

Punctuality applies to both drivers and passengers. You must remember that your punctuality affects your whole carpool group so be on time and no tension will rise. Maybe set a time a max time limit to wait before you continue your journey.



4. Safe Driving

Drivers are responsible for their passengers so stick to speed limits and follow the rules of the road. Put your mobile phone away so that you don’t get distracted. As a carpool group, why not try Ireland’s new “Face it Down” app like Bressie while carpooling.

5. Tax & Insurance 

Make sure that all your car documents are valid and up-to-date. Your carpool group would not appreciate being pulled over by the guards and delayed on their journey.

6. Group Chat 

Make a carpool group chat so that the carpool group can communicate easily. This is great for sorting out carpool arrangements or if someone is running late.

7. Take home note

More carpooling means less cars on the roads which will consequently lead to reduced rush hour traffic so it’s a win win money saving alternative to driving alone!


Image sourced from pinterest.com