Many of us rely heavily on our cars & vans to manage our daily tasks. I for one would be lost without mine and feel so stranded any time it goes to the garage for a service. We all know it is important to get your car serviced regularly but it is also important to keep a regular check on the tyres.

Your tyres are what keep you on the road so it is extremely important to make sure you look after them. In heavy rain or on a muddy road, well maintained tyres could be the difference between having an accident and not having an accident. Especially when you are driving in the car with kids you want to be as safe as possible.


Check Car Tyre Pressure

We recommend that you check the tyre pressure regularly and keep an eye on how they are wearing. If you are unsure what pressure your tyres should be, check the panel just inside the door of the car on the drivers and the passenger side as it is often written there on a little sticker. If it is not there check your vehicle manual and failing that, bring it to a tyre garage and get them to put some air in and show you how much should be in it.


Minimum Tread Depth

When it comes to your tyres wearing, the minimum legal tyre thread limit is 1.6mm. We recommend you change your tyres well before they get to this though as that is a low level of grip. Try to look at your tyres every few weeks and if they look worn bring them to your tyre garage. They will let you know if you need to change or if there is time left on them.


Take a look at the images below. Here we can see an brand new tyre and a bald tyre. There is no harm in checking yours today and have peace of mind in knowing your tyres are in good condition or need to be changed. 



New Tyre 



Bald Tyre