These tips could make your renewal cheaper

We always want to save money. Its better in our own pockets, isn’t it? Sheridan Insurances are an insurance broker; we search the insurance market to find you the best price and policy with a trusted insurer. Everyday we speak to our clients; they are saving for a new car, new house, kids are going to college or they just want to save money for a holiday. We want to help you get there so take a look at our tip below. Simply by reading your car insurance renewal letter, you might be able to save some money on your insurance this year!


No Claims Bonus

Check your no claims bonus. If you want to shop around you need to have the accurate details because this could significantly reduce the price of your insurance quote. 



Have you checked the excess on your policy? For example, the excess on your policy is €250. You have a small accident and need to make a claim. The cost of the repairs are €1000. The insurance company will pay you €750.00. €1000 – €250(excess) = €750.


Open Driving

Open driving can be quite expensive and some people don’t really need it. Most people have third party driving of other cars on their policy. Open driving means that anyone between the ages of 25-70 with a full, clean licence can drive your vehicle with the same level of cover as the main driver of the vehicle. It doesn’t mean that you can drive anyone’s car with comprehensive insurance.


Penalty Points

You may have had penalty points last year but if they are gone this year, let the insurance company/broker know at renewal date. This could save you money also.



Last year you may have said your mileage was 15000 per year. This year you may only travel 10000 so ask your advisor to reduce the mileage. This may also help cut costs.