Thieves love the hot weather, here’s why….

Met Eireann have stated that temperatures may hit a beautiful 25 degrees this Saturday and I am ready to enjoy the sunshine. Break out the BBQ, paddling pool and factor 30 because it’s gonna be a right weekend. While you are out and about this weekend the thieves will be too. They will be looking for the perfect opportunity to rob some belongings from your car. Take a look at my tips below for avoiding a car robbery and advice about your car in the heat.




As I mentioned above, thieves take advantage of beach carparks and graveyards. I know it’s awful but this is reality and I have dealt with plenty of claims just like this from my clients. Do not leave your handbag, coins, gadgets or anything that makes them think your car is worth breaking in to. Ideally, leave your handbag at home or lock your items in your boot. Don’t tuck anything under the seat because you may not be covered in the event of a claim.


Steering wheel & baby seats

If your car will been parked in the sun all day, you should throw a hand towel over the car steering wheel and dash to shield it from the sun. Sounds silly but it does work. It would also be a good idea to drape a towel over any baby seats because sometimes the seat can be too hot for little legs.



Please don’t leave animals in your car over the weekend. Even if the window is left down slightly, it’s not fair. It might not be hot when you leave them but it could be roasting by the time you get back, even if you only intend to be gone for a few minutes.


Cyclists & Pedestrians

When you are driving please be aware of cyclists and pedestrians. The good weather will bring more people out on the roads. So please double check you mirrors before over taking and turning.




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