Do You Leave Your Car Unattended When Heating It Up?


I don’t know about you but I am really feeling this cold weather and layering up every morning. While thinking about the cold and your morning rituals spare a thought for your morning  journey and make sure you are prepared for these dangerous road conditions.


How To Prepare For Dangerous Road Conditions


Get Up Early

Allow extra time for defrosting, slippery roads and slow moving traffic, try not to rush.



Warm Up the Car

Ensure your car windscreen & windows are properly cleared before beginning your journey.




If you are one of those people who leaves their car unattended while it is heating up – STOP! This is a prime time for people to steal cars & vans and trust me it does happen. If your vehicle is stolen with the keys in it while unattended your insurers do not have to cover the claim.



Turn Your Lights On

Even if the sun is up, having your lights on. It makes it easier for other road users to see you.



Increase You’re Breaking Distance

I see people every morning stuck to the back of the person in front of them – you are in a line of traffic! It is not going to move any faster. Increase your breaking distance!!



Do Not Use Your Mobile Phone

While driving you need to be extra alert in this kind of weather so stop making calls, stop sending texts and stop sending snap chats of how cold it is while driving.


Remember, you are not only responsible for your safety on the road. You are responsible for all the other road users around you too, from the kids on the school bus to the cyclist out early to the lady going to do her shopping. We all need to look out for each other.