Believe Me, This Is The Last Thing You Need


This week we are all definitely feeling a chill in the air. I for one have been reaching for the fluffy pajamas in the evening and the heavier jackets in the morning. It won’t be long before mice and rats make an appearance again which can be a real nuisance as they try to get into our homes and even our cars & vans.


Some tips to avoid a mouse or rat getting into your vehicle:

  • Keep the doors closed, even if you are only getting out for a minute.


  • Park in the open, mice and rats don’t like being in large open spaces so park away from open decking, sheds, bushes etc. if possible.


  • Keep the interior of your vehicle free from food wrappers and crumbs – it doesn’t have to be showroom clean but just give it the once over with the hoover every couple of weeks to be sure.


  • Don’t leave pet food in the open near your vehicle as this will attract mice and rats.


  • If you are not a cat person but have a neighbour with a cat, be nice to them and they can help keep your property free from rats & mice.