Keep The Car Journeys Safe This March


Driving a car is a difficult task without talking through the rearview mirror at your kids or checking your phone for a text message. It’s a lethal combination which can put your lives at risk. If you’re a modern family fan like me, you will know that some of the best conversations take place in the car. Kids can say the funniest things and they can have some strange requests while you’re driving.

So here are a few tips that can help you drive safely without compromising quality time with your kids and road safety.


Tips to avoid distractions in the car


  • Don’t have a ‘rear view mirror conversation’ or turn around to talk to the children while driving. A rearview mirror can be used to glance at traffic behind your car but it’s dangerous to take your eyes of the road for a number of seconds.


  • Texting and driving is a NO NO. Please don’t do it, think of your own safety and your kids.


  • Leave books or games in the back seats to keep the children occupied. Whether it’s a short journey to the shops or a road trip across the country, this tip works.


  • I heard this tip lately for a road trip. At the start of the trip, the front seat passenger has a full bag of sweets. Every time the kids complain or fight, a sweet is dropped out the window! At the end of the trip the kids can have the sweets that are left in the bag. Some people may not agree, but I think it’s a potential winner.


  • Don’t take photos while driving, it may sound ridiculous but it is being done, especially selfies.


Phil Dunphy Gets Slightly Distracted while driving



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