Car Keys Can Be The Main Target In Home Burglaries 

car key theft

When it comes to our home, everyone should be able to feel safe and secure. Unfortunately, burglaries are becoming more and more common.


We recommend taking a few small steps to help prevent
your keys from being stolen:



Do not leave your keys visible in the hallway on a table or in a bowl, put them
in a drawer or another room – a growing trend is for keys to be fished out with
a rod or pole through the letter box and the car can then be stolen with the keys.


Spare keys

Spare keys should be kept in a secure place that is out of sight and maybe an
unusual place. Consider a small box on top of the wardrobe or in the back
of the cereal press.



Ideally your day to day keys should be kept out of sight of the doors & windows
but obviously they need to be in a convenient location too – why not place some
hooks on the inside door of a press in the kitchen, have a bowl for keys on the
kitchen table or leave them at the top of the stairs.


Hopefully you will find these steps useful and let family and friends know about this handy information. If you are a customer of Sheridan Insurances and need to make a claim, you can contact me on 053 9180912.