A Guide To The Changes In The Penalty Point System


We have all heard in the news recently that there have been several changes
made in the driving regulations in Ireland, particulary for Novice & Learner
drivers. Most of us know by now that 12 penalty points will result in automatic
disqualification for someone with a full licence but did you know that for
N & L plate drivers just 7 points are needed to be automatically disqualified?


There are too many offences for us to list but here are some of the ones
that carry a larger penalty. Keep these in mind when driving your car, van
or any other vehicle.


  • 2 points if driving without a full licenced driver
  • 3 points non display of L/N plate
  • 3 points for no NCT
  • 3 points parking in a dangerous position
  • 3 points failure to stop before stop sign/line
  • 3 points failure to yield at yield sign
  • 3 points crossing a continuous white line
  • 3 points failure to obey traffic lights
  • 3 points failure to leave appropriate distance between you and vehicle in front
  • 3 points holding a mobile phone


While these offences will result in a Mandatory Court Appearance

  • Using a commercial vehicle without a certificate of roadworthiness
  • Breach of Duties following an accident
  • Careless driving
  • Driving without insurance

A full list of offences and the penalties they incur are available here.




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