Take the drama out of adding your son or daughter to your policy

When your son or daughter has passed their driving theory test, the next obvious step is to add them to your car insurance policy. You may be breaking into a cold sweat just thinking about your little baby driving your car but it has to happen at some point. It’s a stressful time for any parent; you’re trying to hide your stress from your child because you want to show them that you trust them and that you believe in their ability. Our team want to share a few tips with you that will make the whole experience less stressful.


Your Insurer

Let’s say that you are renewing your car insurance policy in January and you know that you will need to add your daughter with a provisional licence in May. Tell your advisor your plans for the future. Some insurers can charge a high rate to add a younger driver to your policy mid-year. Once we know your situation, we will place your policy with a suitable insurer that will take on your daughter mid-year.


Driving Lessons

At the moment we have an insurer that will add a young driver to your policy free of charge. They must complete their driving lessons through the insurer. There is a fee to complete the driving lessons but it is reasonably priced. Ask our team for more details.


Continuous Driving Experience

When your son or daughter has passed their test and they are ready to drive their own car, continue with the cover on your policy until they are ready to take out their own policy. Insurers want to see continuous driving experience with no gaps.



Please don’t act like the mum and son in the video!



Image source: hugtheroad.com