Your valuables are more than just jewellery

When it comes to insuring valuables, most people think of jewellery worth thousands of euro, but valuables can include so much more than this. For example, a nice set of golf clubs, a bicycle and gadgets are all items that you should look at to ensure you have them correctly covered.


Golf Clubs & Sports Equipment

For any avid golfers, consider how much you have spent to get your current set of clubs. If anything happened to them, would you be able to replace them to the same spec? The same goes for any cyclists out there who have invested in a good bike. It is worth checking with your insurers how much it would be to specify your sporting equipment on your home insurance policy.



Some policies automatically cover you for “All Risks” which would include losing your jewellery while out of your home but not all of them do. Limits also apply to this. It is important to know that you are properly covered. If you have any items of value such as an engagement ring or an expensive watch, consider specifying them under your policy. The first thing to do is get any items of value to your jeweller and ask them to do a written valuation to include a description of the item. We can then get you a price to add it to your household policy if you are insured with us or if you are elsewhere consider calling your insurer to get a price. For any items you have specified, review the value every couple of years to make sure it is adequately insured. Prices of these items can fluctuate so it is important to get them re-valued regularly.



Did you know you don’t have to insure your gadgets on your house insurance? We offer an online quotation service where you can get a price to individually insure items such as an iphone, smart watch, laptops and digital cameras. I would recommend insuring them on a separate gadget policy rather than on your house insurance because that way, if you make a claim, your house renewal premium and claims free experience will not be impacted. All our gadget insurance policies are handled online so why not get a quote here 


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