Whether you are insuring a small van or a fleet of vans, it’s important to insure them correctly. You may be tempted to choose the cheapest van insurance quote, but are you accurately protected? Your van may be essential for work and if you are self-employed, you need it to earn a living. Take a look at our guide to choosing the right Van Insurance for you and hopefully it will help you make an informed decision when your van insurance is due for renewal.


Check your policy benefits

When you are shopping around for Van Insurance, make sure you check that you are comparing policy benefits that are ‘like for like’. For example, do both policies have the same level of No Claims Bonus Protection and what is the Voluntary Excess? You may want to choose the cheapest policy but not all Van Insurance policies are the same. Some insurers offer more benefits than others. As your broker, we do the shopping around for you, and our team of advisors will explain your options in plain English.


The benefit of choosing a broker

Gallagher is one of the world’s largest insurance brokers. Our job is to search the market to find a van insurance policy that is suitable for you and your requirements. When you call us for a quote, we do our best to find the best insurance policy at the best price. We enjoy speaking to our clients year after year and it’s really important to us that you receive excellent customer service throughout the year, while also giving you peace of mind that you are insured correctly.


Van Insurance Excess

When shopping around for insurance quotes, ask about the policy excess. The policy excess is the first part of any claim that must be paid by the insured. For example, if you claim €1000 on your insurance policy and your policy has an excess is €250, this means that you will pay the first €250 and the insurer will pay €850. Sometimes you may find that cheaper quotes may have a higher excess. 


We have a team of qualified insurance advisors that specialise in providing van insurance to our clients. If you require a van insurance quote or need more information, please call 0818 222 700 or request quote online.