Improve your Zzzzz’s with these top tips!

Is poor quality of sleep making you grouchy with no energy to take on the day? Unfortunately many of us suffer from this but by saying goodbye to some bad habits our sleeping quality can be enhanced. Here at Sheridan’s good quality sleep is key for all the staff to ensure top productivity in work so we would like to share our top 6 tips to help encourage better sleep and hit your recommended snooze hours daily!



Tune up your body clock!

One major factor that contributes to unhealthy sleep is that your body clock is all over the place. To improve and regulate your body clock it is very important to make a sleeping schedule (i.e set wake up and sleeping times) that you need to keep consistent even at the weekends. This may seem tedious because who doesn’t love a long sleep on their days off but in the long run it will benefit your quality of sleep as it will improve your sleep-wake cycle.


Say no to caffeine and big/heavy meals

You should avoid caffeine and big/heavy meals in particular 2-3 hours before bed. Unfortunately some foods are guilty of causing indigestion and discomfort making it harder for you to relax and fall asleep at night.


Cut out or at least limit daytime naps

If you find it difficult to fall asleep at night and you’re a sucker for powernaps to get through the day, the best tip here is to slowly ween yourself off daytime naps. It will seem difficult at the start but gradually it will become easier and your body will be more ready for sleep at bedtime.


Review your sleeping environment

A top tip is to review light exposure, noise and temperature in your bedroom. If light exposure may be affecting your ability to fall asleep, it might be worth a try to fit black out curtains in your room or use an eye mask. Try earplugs to shut out noises and/or give a loving nudge every now and again if your partner is an awful snorer. If the temperature is making you uncomfortable, try using a fan or humidifier to improve the room climate.


Prep your mind

An hour before bed you should refrain from using electrical devices at home or watching tv as the light projected activates your brains, keeping it alert. Try calming your mind before bed by doing some relaxation techniques, meditation or anything that makes you feel more relaxed such as taking a bath or reading a light book. If worries keep you awake, try making yourself a worry book where you write down anything that is bothering you before bed to deal with the next day.


Regular exercise

Regular exercise patterns promote better quality sleeping patterns although you should refrain from exercising very late in the evening!


Make use of these of tips and cut out some bad habits to help get on the right track to encourage better sleep and improve overall quality of living!


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