Driving at the start can be very daunting so we have put together a few tips to help you stay safe on the road! Here are 5 tips for young drivers and learner drivers


#1 Just put the phone down

No matter who it is that’s texting you, whether your best friend is having a crisis, your mother is yelling at you over text or that cute boy just replied to your message. Trust me, they can all wait. Just turn off the sound, put it town, and get to where you need to be.


#2 Stop touching the radio

We know how annoying it can be when you’ve had a long day and your least favourite song comes on the radio, but reaching over to change the station takes your sight and attention off the road. Think about which is more important, the rubbish song or the road.



#3 Only put friends in the car when your 100% confident

It’s so, so important to wait until you’re comfortable enough in the car and on the road to let friends in the car with you.  No matter how big the urge is to, collect all your friends and go for McDonalds, wait until you know you’re ready.



#4 Never forget to check the blind spot

Both your blind spot and others are equally important. Always keep an eye out for bikes, pedestrians and other cars lurking out of your vision. But also, never forget to stay out of other peoples blind spot.



#5 Face your weather fears

It’s as the saying goes: ”Face you fears”. If you have a fear of driving in the rain, just get out and do it, take it easy and slow, but just do it. It’s the only way you will learn to get comfortable doing it.


Safe driving and if your looking for car insurance call us!


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