I could happen to you so check out these tips

Unfortunately I have been in a car that has broken down quite a few times. Once because the petrol gauge didn’t work properly and on other occasions I got a flat tyre!  I drove a 1996 Fiat Punto to college and it didn’t really give me too much trouble apart from the flat tyre situation. Believe me, it is quite stressful especially if you are on your way to work, travelling to the airport or to a job interview. Don’t leave yourself unprepared because this will create even more anxiety. The risk does increase when you have passengers in the car, especially kids.


Let me share some of my worldly knowledge with you…


Keep a breakdown number in the car

Yes, in the car. Also keep it on your phone but what happens if your battery is dead? It’s no good to you then! If breakdown cover is not on your policy, keep the number of your mechanic in the car also because they will help you in your situation.


Hazard lights

Warn other road users that you have broken down by putting on your hazard lights. If you have a reflective triangle in the boot of your car, place it a few metres away from your car to warn other road users.



Get yourself into Penneys and buy a powerbank. In the event that your phone battery is dying at least you have the powerbank to charge your phone. Just remember to charge the powerbank. 


Where did you breakdown?

If you have broken down in a very dangerous area, please remove yourself and your passengers from the car. Your safety and the safety of other road users is paramount. Choose a safe spot away from traffic to wait until your roadside assistance arrives. Its always handy to leave a warm coat and a hi-vis vest in the car. Even in the Summer months it can be cold especially if you are standing in the cold waiting for help. 



This is what you should have in the boot of the car:

  • Food – chocolate/water/rice cakes etc
  • Water
  • Warm Jacket
  • Hi-vis vest
  • Car jack and wheel brace
  • Powerbank
  • Breakdown Assistance phone number