5 Inexpensive Team Building Ideas that Work


1.The Lego Challenge.

Provide each team with a starter pack of Lego. Give each team two weeks to construct the best object/scene. Give a prize for the most creative, structurally sound etc. This is great for interdepartmental morale and creativity.


2. Come Dine with me BBQ

This is a great one for the Summer, provided you have the space that is. Instead of having your bog standard Summer BBQ and forking out for the food, split the menu and give each team responsibility for one part of the evening.  For example one department is on meat, another on dessert, another on refreshments and another on entertainment. This encourages the sharing of ideas and gets the team working together in a relaxed environment.


3. Treasure Hunt

You cannot beat the traditional scavenger hunt. Split the company into teams and send them on a twisting, turning treasure hunt which leads them all to a central location at the end. Leave dares and teasers along the way for extra fun. Ensure people are teamed with colleagues they wouldn’t usually work with. Too often people stay within the same group of people at work events.


4. Host a Company Picnic

It’s always great to get people’s families involved. It encourages friendships within families and is great for boosting morale and for highlighting a different side of colleagues. It’s nice to see the human side to senior managers and the kids love it.


5. A Table Quiz

Although not as popular as they were, table quizzes are a great way to encourage interdepartmental relationships. Assign one team to organise the questions. Include questions on the company, staff, competitors etc. It’s a great way to get people to know each other better and to showcase part of the company internally.