The night time checklist for your home

Keeping you and your home safe is our main priority. We lead such busy lives with work and kids it can be easy to forget about safety in the home. We have spoken to Gardai and fire officers to make sure we give you up to date and accurate information when it comes to home safety. Take a look at our tips below to keep you and your home safe.


Phone chargers, Hair straighteners and Irons

It’s important that we plug out these appliances when we stop using them. I spoke to a fire officer late last year about phone chargers. He explained that each household could have 3-6 phone chargers in a home. Phone charger fires do happen and we alway see photos on Facebook. They seem quite frequent because there is a high volume of phones being used in the world, a few of them are bound to be faulty.


Lock your doors and shut windows

It is a simple tip but some people will leave the door open because a family member is out for a night on the town etc. If you are going to bed it’s always a good idea to lock the door.


Place your keys in a familiar place

We recommend that you don’t leave your keys in the back of the door at night time. A thief can fish them out through the letterbox. You do need to leave your keys in a regular spot in case of an emergency at night time. Pick a familiar spot away from the door and leave your keys in the same place every day.


Wheelie bins

When the bin lorry has collected your rubbish, remove your bin from the street or the road. If there are strong winds at night time, your bin could blow out onto the road and cause an obstruction.