Motor Quote Assumptions

About your Quote Your Quote is based on certain assumptions we make about your driving history, your insurance history and the type of car you drive. The following assumptions, and the information you provide, are the basis of the quote we will offer you. We will validate the below assumptions in question format throughout the journey. Before completing your quote, you must respond to all questions and agree to our data protection statement and our terms and conditions.

If you cannot agree to these assumptions, we will not be able to offer you an online car insurance quote today.

Assumptions | Online Motor Quotes

Please read the following carefully:
The Proposer and Named Drivers:
• Have been resident and working in Ireland / Uk for the past 3 years
• Have not been refused insurance, or renewal of insurance or had special terms or conditions imposed by an insurer
• Have never had any convictions for any motor offence and no pending prosecutions
• Have not been disqualified from driving and have not been involved in any accident/ loss and have not had any claims against them in the past 5 years
• Have no notable medical conditions
• I am the registered owner and the car is registered in Ireland

The Car:

• Is not imported, left hand driver, adapted or modified in any way

The Proposer:

• Will be contacted via email with their quote details during the quote process
• May also be contacted by us via email, text or phone call after the quote process
• Can unsubscribe at any stage by opting out of the email or text, calling us on 053 9123122 or emailing

Please note: If you cannot comply with all of these assumptions please contact us directly.