5 Things I Really Love About Back To School


It’s back to school season and I am really looking forward to having a few minutes of me time this week. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great Summer with my kids but there is something about this week that makes breathe a sigh of relief! I’m looking forward to having a cup of tea in silence the 3pm School run.

Although if you are sending your child off to school for the first time this year, you could probably do with a quick hug and a friendly face because I choked back the tears on the first day of school. Remember to be good to yourself this week.

I am lucky enough to have some time during the week to enjoy some back to school freedom. Here are a few things I think we should take full advantage of this week.


5 Things I Can’t Wait For This Week



The Gym

There is something lovely about getting your exercise over and done with early in the day. I just wouldn’t get a chance to do it in the evening time and you have set yourself up for the day.

Day Time TV

Loose Women. Who doesn’t love to sit down and watch Loose Women on TV during the day? It’s like sitting down with a bunch of friends having a laugh. No wiping snotty noses, no squashed food in the sofa, just me and the TV…exciting!



Enjoy the quiet shower. No one shouting MAM or standing at the door asking you ‘where is my transformer’ or can ‘I have the iPad’.


Meet a Friend

It’s definitely good to talk. Especially if this is your child’s first week at school. Not only is it a big week for them, it’s a big week for you too. Meet up with a friend and have the chat, no harm done and don’t be rushing home to tidy up or hang out the washing. Enjoy yourself.


Grocery Shopping

How often have you brought the kids shopping and got so distracted that you forgot to buy things you really need. I hate getting back in the car to Aldi or Supervalu just because I forgot the toilet roll! I really don’t enjoy grocery shopping but strolling around the supermarket in peace is quite pleasant.



So enjoy your week and here is a little song of the 3pm pick up!



Image Source: dailymail.co.uk