Want To Know What We Are Bringing On Our Travels?

If you are lucky enough to be jetting off on holidays this summer, we want to 
let you in on a few of our suitcase secrets. We can all agree that there are a few
essential items that you can’t go without. So, we asked a few members of our
team to tell us about what they can’t leave behind. 


1. Laura – Portable Luggage Scales

‘I can’t go on holidays without this, It’s so handy. I have no worries about having 
overweight luggage or paying extra charges at the airport. Really useful if you are
lucky enough to be travelling to America. Squeeze in a few more pairs of shoes!


2. Aoife – Aussie Leave In Conditioner

‘If you are going on a sun holiday, this stuff is magic. Spray it in before you go to
the beach or the swimming pool and it stops your hair from drying out. I wouldn’t
go without it especially if you plan on going out in the evening and want a decent
hairstyle. Don’t forget to pack it in your suitcase!’


3. Travel Insurance

I know we sell travel insurance but we also purchase it ourselves when we are
booking our own holidays. The benefits of our travel policies are excellent because
we only deal with trusted insurers. You can buy travel insurance right here or you
call our offices and we can talk you through the policies. Pack your travel
documents with helpful phone numbers in your suitcase. 


4. Colin – Flip Flops That Don’t Cut My Feet

Cheap flip-flops are so tempting; you’re only using them for a short while, so why bother with the expense? After two days of building up blisters, you can see why I now bother.’

The last pair I bought were a €25 pair of Havaianas, but were worth it. You wouldn’t buy shoes at home that you know would hurt your feet; so why bother with rubbish flip flops for the most enjoyable break of the year? 


5. Siobhan – Camera

‘I couldn’t leave my camera behind. Whether I am going to Cork or Spain, I would
always bring my camera. Especially when you are on a family holiday, it’s nice to
have all the photos to look back on. We spend ages saving up for a holiday,
it would be a pity if we have no photos, I might never be in the same place again.’



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