High Value High Performance Car Insurance

“Sometimes money can’t buy you everything, it may buy the car of your dreams but insuring it can be more difficult. At Gallagher we can offer a specialist policy aimed at the owners of high-end luxury and sports cars. High-end cars exceeding €100k in value can be difficult to insure and we want to remove this headache. Our policy has a range of benefits tailored specifically for high value cars and their owners. Not only that but if you have a number of cars, we can cover them all under the one policy giving you one renewal date and one premium for your prized collections”
**subject to terms and conditions. Minimum car value of €100k**

  • For those that love high-value performance cars and want non-restrictive cover, this comprehensive policy incorporates:
  • Every vehicle is insured for an agreed value. This is the amount that will be paid in the event of a total loss with no deduction for excess.
  • Generous driving entitlement. Anyone who does not reside with you and is over the age of 30 is insured to drive your car.
  • Like-for-like courtesy vehicle in the event of any loss.
  • Full Irish and European breakdown insurance including home start for named drivers which includes rented or borrowed vehicles.
  • 24-month new car replacement facility.

In addition the policy includes a whole host of features not generally found within a standard insurance policy contract, providing the ultimate protection for your vehicle.


High Value Car Insurance Benefits include:

  • Agreed Value.
  • Driving experience basis.
  • Multicar policy.
  • Full EU cover.
  • One option only – comprehensive cover.
  • Unlimited windscreen cover.
  • Open drive (subject to terms and conditions).
  • Call us now to get the best cover for your prized possession.