Would you love to test drive any of these?

I think we all dreamed of driving a famous car from the movies. I’m sure you would look great in the batmobile or KITT! Maybe you can think of other amazing cars from the movies but these are definitely my favourites. We all dream of buying amazing cars but I always settle for the old reliable brands that won’t cause any trouble. When we sit in front of the big screen we have permission to let our imaginations run wild and dream of driving these incredible cars. The car, music, speed and actors…all mindblowing. And then sadly,  the movie is over and we must walk to the carpark to heat up our freezing cold Astra. But we can dream! Take a look at some of the photos and video clips below. I’m not sure how they are fixed for Car Insurance!


The Dark Knight – Batmobile




Back to the Future – DeLorean



Dukes of Hazzard



James Bond Goldfinger



Knightrider – K.I.T.T