Owner controlled insurance program

Construction projects entail an increasingly complex set of risks to all parties including owners, developers, design firms and contractors. The Gallagher team is well versed in developing risk solutions for construction projects such as those envisaged. In conjunction with a network of risk management construction, surety, environmental and design firm experts, our practice is accepted as a global leader in terms of innovation on construction project risk management.

We highlight the OCIP route for strong consideration as it provides an effective way to insure the project in a cost effective manner and ensures the broadest protection and flexibility. Under the OCIP all construction works, and public liability insurance is purchased by the property owner as part of a single policy from a single insurer panel in the joint names of the employers and contractors of any tier. The benefit of OCIP for property owners is that all insurance costs are collected into one transparent policy premium rather than spread across dozens of contractors and subcontractors. This also provides direct control over administrative costs by dealing with a single broker and insurer.


Our commitment to you

Our clients receive a unique experience at Gallagher. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and speedy response along with our hands-on approach as advisors to your company. We provide a superior level of technical knowledge and we spend time understanding your business to ensure we have assessed all risks. We are dedicated to our clients and are looking out for them always.